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We have a lot of tenants that stay and a lot more that move to other houses with us. Most of our houses are let by word of mouth. Here is some feedback from tenants...

From July 2019:


“ Just wanted to say a big thanks for this year, any issues we had were dealt with really promptly. Les and gardener were also really nice and helped us out. We all loved living in such a great place for our final year of uni” 


“…and thanks for being a great landlord!!”  


“ thank you so much! It’s been a lovely house for us this year”


“ thank you for returning our deposit and being excellent to deal with all year” 


“ thanks so much for everything Den!” 


“ thanks for everything … All the best” 


" I just want to say thank-you so much for everything you and Les have done while I’ve been living at …. You’ve been very supportive especially when I’ve found it difficult to pay rent!” 


“ Just wanted to thank you for being an excellent landlord.” 


“ In all seriousness, thank you for returning our deposit and being excellent to deal with all year. I’ll be sure to put some positive feedback on the site. All the best.” 


And previous years:


"We love the location and the way you run your houses so we were wondering what the options are for us to stay wth you"


" Just wanted to say thanks for being such a great landlord, I really enjoyed my time at the house!"


"The location is fantastic! Extremely close to the University, yet the city centre is within easy reach..."


"...far beyond our expectations..."


"Thank you for a wonderful two years. I will remember my student days with fond memories of the house that I called my home!"


"Not at all what you would expect from a student house"


"It was a lovely house and made me feel like home. Very close to the West Campus and also walkable to the town in case there is no bus on Christmas Day and New Year Day. The location was also very calm and less noise. I already miss the house. " 2017


"Honestly speaking, Den was probably one of the most understanding landlords we came across. Not only was there a "no questions asked" policy in terms of any fix-ups in the house, but Den was sympathetic and accommodating to any unique situations that would arise. 100% would recommend!" 2017



One from a tenant who stayed 3 years:


"Having lived in a Yo10Homes property for three years now, I couldn't be happier with the place. The landlord's very laid back but also attentive if things go wrong, the location's great, the house is in good shape and the rules about making it our own are very relaxed - no weekly inspections of how clean the floors are or laminated instructions for which cupboard the plates go in! As one of the few 7-person student houses in York it was amazing to find one so close to the university (less than 10 minutes walk to the centre of Heslington West) and for such a reasonable price. Things that you take for granted before university like a decent sized bathroom, double glazing, secure doors, storage space and a decent garden were no problem. The fact that the owners are former York students means they understand what you're looking for - I thoroughly recommend Den and Vicki to any York students looking for a great home with minimal hassle."


and some unsolicited ones from tenants' mum's:


"Also - many thanks for being by miles, the most responsive and helpful landlord that any of my 3 uni student daughers ever had! Makes such a difference to their university experience and their lives up there"  


"I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your prompt replies to my sudden requests for info!"


"thank you so much for doing that so promptly - E always said that you were always great with any problems and a great landlord" 




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 07928 678185



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