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What to expect from a Yorkstudenthouses home?


We have been students at York Uni. and we are pretty aware of how student houses work in practice. We do not have the negative view of students that some landlords and agents can develop. Everything we do is driven by trying to understand your position and helping as much as we can.


There are several things we think set us apart:


            1 Exceptional Responsiveness - We know that when something needs fixing it needs to be easy to report, done quickly and done properly.


               Reporting of problems is direct to Den and virtually instant. Initial response is typically measured in minutes. This year over 90% of issues were dealt with same or next working day. This compares with the standard 28 days expected of decent landlords. We only deal with 10 houses so you are always a priority.


               Instead of employing handymen to handle hundreds of houses or having a go at DIY we deal with  professional builders and experts who know us and share our values. If they didn't we wouldn't use them. Over 20 years we have developed strong relationships with Lets Maintain, as well as local  gardeners, gas engineers, locksmiths, window companies etc so we can handle anything that comes up. 


              2 The Thief Lane location of the houses is an absolutely prime location for Campus West. 


              3  No hidden costs - You pay the rent and we provide the house. Seems fair to us. There are no  "admin fees", "contract fees" or any other creative ways of getting your money.  We don't cap your spending on heating or charge you for minor repairs. And we almost always return the deposit in full.


              4 A realistic approach to issues that arise. We don't operate a blame culture. We completely understand that things do get broken, people like to put up pictures, walls do get marked, parties happen and rent can sometimes be delayed. We give you as much leeway to live in the house like a normal student as we can. 


           5 Going above and beyond. We don't do the legal minimum. We do what we think is the right thing. While you are a tenant we are always happy to advise on problems you have. If you have problems with neighbours, council tax, TV licences etc etc we are very happy to give you the benefit of our experience. Our aim is to help you to live in what may well be your first independent house.


            6 The house itself. The houses are all a decent size. We haven't squeezed in every possible tenant so they have reception rooms as well as gardens and parking. They are double glazed and 70% of boilers have been replaced in the last 3 years. 


            7 We let you live in the house as though it were yours. Well not entirely,you do have to look after it, but if you want to put up photos or move your room furniture around, we're not going to get very stressed about it. If you have a reasonable request we tend to say yes.


See  What our tenants say... about this approach!

What not to expect!

There is an alternative approach to being a landlord, which is more common in lets where tenants are assumed to behave badly and so everything is regulated and carefully controlled to stop anyone breaking any rules.


We would rather assume you will be reasonable tenants and work with you to create a home you are happy in.


We could for example do only what we are legally required to and no more and put in procedures to ensure that you do the same. We could check rent and charge interest if it is a day late, charge for out of hours call outs or letting you in at weekends. We could provide an immaculate house and penalise you for every scratch and mark and breakage. We could stick to office hours and aim for maintenance to be done within 28 days, or not at all if it was pre-existing or caused by the tenant. We could include bills but charge you if you spend "too much".


We could have a detailed inventory, guarantors, a higher deposit, ban putting up pictures and have half a dozen inspections a year with a clipboard to find faults. We could provide new furniture and insist you pay for professional  cleaners when you leave. We could then charge you for replacing and redecorating for the slightest mark. 


We think you wouldn't like it, so it just isn't how we do things! 

We thought a few examples might help give an idea of how this translates into your tenancy...

Over the years we are pleased to have:


  • Allowed various pets.
  • Replaced broken (by the tenants!) furniture within a day
  • Had people on site for an emergency in under three minutes
  • Completely replaced a broken boiler in 24 hours
  • Sponsored tenants' societies including RAG, College Netball courts and tops, and the Music Society. This year we are sponsoring the Music Society.
  • Added an extra shower to a bathroom because the tenants asked
  • Allowed tenants to change groups - no admin fees
  • Even allowed one tenant whose family circumstances changed to pay the rent two years after she left Uni. (not one we would like to encourage!)
  • Intervened to help tenants who have upset neighbours 
  • Met tenants out of hours to let them in when they didn't have keys



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